[Trans] 130608 KFans★me Go Go Ikemen 5 Interview


Finally Go Go Ikemen 5 first starring BOYFRIEND movie will be released on July 6! KFansme editorial infiltrates the shooting that took place near Tokyo! Boyfriend members took time answering questions in between busy shooting!

On a certain day in March near Tokyo,Boyfriend has been shooting the movie. On this day, I was at the scene waiting and Boyfriend members appeared in uniforms.

The novel, Go Go Ikemen 5 sold Japan’s largest number of 7.7million on its first day of release and the movie, Go Go Ikemen 5 will be the live action of the popular novel. Viewing has been approximated to be 60 million more times than the novel! Go Go Ikemen 5 is a school romantic comedy about a natural girl and quintet hearthrobs idols of the school. So then, what do you mean Go Go Ikemen 5 when there are six members? That, actually there is also a dramatic expansion and further mystery added on in the movie! Between busy filming, the members of Boyfriend sat down and answered questions from reporters.

-How do you feel when the film experience has been decided?

Donghyun: When the movie film was decided, I was very nervous because it’s a new challenge. I worry that I will not be able to show the charm of the role.

-Please tell us about the role of each member.

Donghyun: I play the role of Kan Gon. That’s it! (laughs) joke. My character is a cool type person and I am playing the role of a leader,even in the movie (laughs)

Youngmin: My role is Yoon Ji Hoo and I play a Tsundere Prince.(laughs)

Tsundere prince- someone who looks and acts cold to others on the outside but gradually shows warmth.

Minwoo: I play the role of Han Shi Won. In the role of first love for the heroine, it’s one of the romantic roles. (laughs)

Jeongmin: I play the role of Kim Joon Young. He is the mood maker, very bright but likes to listen to music and writes music when alone.

Hyunseong: I play the role called Lee Shin. He is manly but a little shy in front of the girl.

Kwangmin: It’s a role called ….Yoon Shi Hoo!

During shooting, which member is the one with the most NGs?

Minwoo: Youngmin!

Youngmin: No it’s not! (laughs)

Minwoo: His acting is really good but,I think it’s because he has the most dialogues?

Youngmin: That’s the reason of course.

-How do you remember lines in Japanese?

Minwoo: I practice alot!

Donghyun: Our acting teacher taught us alot of exercises and we practice among members.

Jeongmin: (In Japanese) Japanese all the way!

-Who is the one that gets to film most scenes with the lovely girl?

Hyunseong: Youngmin?

Minwoo: His role was much more than I thought.

Youngmin: But, there’s not much skinship! (because of personality of character)

Donghyun: There is a romance between two girls and two guys respectively.

-If you think your character is the most handsome,please raise your hand and tell me.

(Everyone raises their hands)

Donghyun: I have such aura coming out of my body?(laughs)

Youngmin: Everyone, I am different from when you see me at a glance? (laughs) My character has charisma.

Jeongmin: Yeah (laughs)

Minwoo: (in japanese) I am completely different from others. I have hidden charms.

Hyunseong; I don’t think I am an Ikemen(Flower boy) but in Go Go Ikemen 5, I am.

Kwangmin: I have been good looking since day 1 of my life.(laughs)

-Are there any acting you did in Japan that you were surprised?

Youngmin: Rather than Japan, just the acting was all new. It’s the first time so there are many things that I was surprised by.

Minwoo: I was surprised by the shooting scene. I think it’s obvious but the sets and places are just so beautiful.

Donghyun:Because of the movie shooting, we stayed in Japan for the longest time ever so Japan is like home now.

Youngmin: I didn’t know what good food to eat other than Ramen, now I know (laughs) 

-The title of the movie is Go Go Ikemen 5 but there are six members in Boyfriend, not five?

Members: It will be fun after watching the film.

Hyunseong: (In japanese) Sh..there’s a secret

Minwoo: Please watch it by yourselves.

After the interview, the shooting in class at school starts. Members of Boyfriend are figuring out and checking carefully with the actors and director, how to be reflected well and which standing position. They showed serious expressions and work hard filming. When the director said “OK” everyday, a big bright, refreshing smiles would be spread on across their faces.

BOYFRIEND’s movie debut Go GO Ikemen 5 will be coming across the country on July 6th! Please don’t miss it.


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