*watches a movie*
*sees a dog*
me:if something happens to that dog I sWEAR TO GOD


My style isn’t even my style, I cant afford my actual style

October 18th  ;;q
October 18th  ;;alien

Can we talk about Youngmin’s face though?

You can use me, you can play me,
I know I’ll be ruined but I choose you anyway

October 18th  ;;ot6


say something im giving up on school

October 15th  ;;q

rody | do not edit

October 15th  ;;leadahh

rody | do not edit

October 15th  ;;pabo alien mybbs;;
October 10th  ;;pabo

[HD] 141010 Music Bank BOYFRIEND - White out | cr. bestiz 베스티즈

[HD] 141010 Music Bank BOYFRIEND - WITCH | cr. bestiz 베스티즈

October 10th  ;;ot6 witch

[TRANS] 141010 Baby Jeongmin Twitter Update

@kaaran_80 WOW!! It’s Boyfriend Appas!!! Jeongminnie will support appa’s new song too^^ I miss you~~~~ 

~© trans: youngmineekkeo {@beatrooot} for imyourbestfriend.com

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