Youngmin at Sinchon M2U Fansign ~

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Youngii… do you want to eat that pink snake? XD you silly boy♥

Youngmin speaking Thai and shaking his head

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[VID] 140918 BOYFRIEND TV Okinawa ver. (Acting skills showdown _ part 2) officialbfjp

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is it morally okay to pray that your crush’s relationship doesn’t work out

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youngmin in Alarm MV // requested by anon
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Boyfriend’s close-up at 7 See Concert in the Nine *u*

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Seoul Girls Collection Boyfriend’s Performance - (Obsession & I’ll be there) ~

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[HD Pic Release] 140913 YOUNGMIN at SGC Live in Seoul

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[TRANS/VID] 140914 Satzone Boyfriend Interview cut 

*Since I don’t know Thai, I won’t be able to translate the questions accurately. but you can guess what the questions are from their answers :)


BF: I’m your Boyfriend! Hello, we’re boyfriend!
MC: Please introduce yourselves one by one
/BF introduces themselves; Kwangmin said I love You in Thai after his introduction/
MC: YM and KM are twins. How can we differentiate you two?
YM: Before, we used to tell people that you can differentiate us through our jaw line. But now, if you look at our eyes, their sizes are different from each other. How are they different?
KM: A lot of people have been telling me that my eyes are a bit bigger than Youngmin’s. So, I think our fans can differentiate us by looking at our eyes. 
MC: What is the meaning behind your group name?
DH: The meaning of our name, Boyfriend, is.. our company told us to become a boyfriend for our fans, it has that meaning and that’s what they’ve given us. Someone who can be your boyfriend.. Our name has that meaning.
MC: How’s Thailand?
JM: A lot of fans welcomed us even at the airport, and we were very happy. I think it has been a long time since we last visited Thailand. We’ll show you a cool performance that equals the amount of time we weren’t able to visit here. 
MC: (I’m not so sure what the question is, I think it’s like “what do you think about your transformation”)
MW: At first, we had a fresh kind of image. After doing that and changing into a manlier image later on, I think we really needed that process of transitioning into different images. Aboveall, when we perform different songs, first we did Boyfriend, then DTMG, Janus, Iyah, Obsession. While we did that, there was that time where we suddenly changed image. Even if we do those refreshing kind of performances, though there are difficult parts, I think they are really fun. 
MC: A character/role you want to try?
DH: We actually filmed a movie together in Japan. But…… that… Doing it together, I don’t think it was a good moment.
MW: I want to act out a character of a son, a person who receives a lot of love from the girls.
DH: It would fit you well
MW: I would like to try and do that kind of role
DH: For me, someone not human, vampire. I would like to try that role once.
MC: Can you show us?
DH: Show what?
KM: Your vampire pose
DH: Vampire?! If opportunity allows, I will show it to you.
KM: For me, I would really like and try a bad role. Because… I’m usually very kind, even in a drama, I would like to try out a bad role.
MC: Try it out
KM: Listen to me well
MC: (I’m not sure what the question is sorry;)
DH: I think the fans will like this too. If opportunity allows, we definitely want to come here for a vacation here in Thailand. 
MC: Your ideal type?
JM: I’ll begin. My ideal type is.. someone who is polite, well mannered
MW: For me, I think a person with a twist would be nice. Someone who has a cute charm, as well as a feminine charm
DH: I think a person with a beautiful voice, someone who’s nice with words/speaks prettily is appealing
YM: My ideal type is someone with very beautiful eyes
KM: A girl who can love me, no matter who she is, it’s fine by me
HS: For me, someone who’s sexy
MC: Now Boyfriend will say Thai phrases
[T/N: Now I’m not sure what the words they said means; but I’ll try;;]
DH: I love you/you’re amazing
MW: (i’m not sure;) I got confused
JM: I like you!
YM: It’s not that good/It doesn’t look that good
KM + HS: (I didn’t hear what the translator said;;;)
MC: Your last words?
While doing our overseas promotions, we are also preparing for our new album in Korea. Since we’ll show you a cooler image, it would be nice if you look forward to that.
MC: Thank you
BF: Thank you


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kor-eng trans: youngmineekkeo/beatrooot

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