Can someone please tell him that even his fans are called bestfriends?


20140830 icecream youngmin ~

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[TRANS/PIC] 140901 Fashion Model Kim Kibum’s IG update

@kibumee Through a quick encounter, (a photo) with my three good looking friends that I’ve met #Boyfriend #MyName 


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Kwangmin at Sinchon M2U Fansign ~

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if you compliment me once i’ll think about it every night for twelve years

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Hyunseong's "How to get Minwoo's attention 101 (step by step) ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

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I knew you were trouble when you walked in.

my mom:it's 11 go to sleep
me:actually its 10:58
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*has a bag of sour gummy worms* hey you want one *you go to grab a blue-red one* *I immediately stop you* no not that one

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Anonymous: Is that baby youngmin or baby kwangmin?? :D

bb youngmin ¨̮


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ボーイフレンド (insp.)

Small Grey Outline Pointer