youngmin & kwangmin… *speechless*

ok so how do you continue a conversation after saying hello

July 30th  ;;q

[INFO] BOYFRIEND’ll arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok on Aug 5 w/ Korean Airlines flight KE657 at 3:20pm. They will leave on Aug 11 with flight # KE658 at 11:45pm local time.

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[1080p/ HD] 140730 BOYFRIEND on Weekly Idol- 3rd Anniversay

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Minwoo in Korean MVs, debut-140731
↳Happy birthday No Minwoo ♥


Happy Birthday, No Minwoo! 

Happy Birthday once again, our maknae minwoo! 

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@officialBFjp まもなく開演です!!楽屋では本日発売のBESTFRIEND JAPANクリアポーチをみつめるジョンミン♪夏にピッタリのアイテムです*\(^o^)/*

@officialBFjp Soon, our concert will begin!! Here’s Jeongmin who is looking at the clear pouch that has just been put up on sales today for BESTFRIEND JAPAN♪ It’s an item that is perfect for summer*\(^o^)/*

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140730 Twitter Boyfriend Japan Update ~

(first photo) At last, the Live House Tour starts today♪♪♪ We are giving glowing bracelet without exception to the FC members who purchased a live broadcasting ticket, given priority to members of the FC with previous application, in an FC stand at the venue

(second photo) LOVE COMMUNICATION 2014 -SEVENTH COLOR-」We are holding a local stamp rally at the venue!!This is Jeongmin &Kwangmin in Nagoya☆ 

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i am too young to have this many embarrassing memories

July 30th  ;;q

Youngmin & Jeongmin from Pink Romance. requested by anon.

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