140728 PON!~ Boyfriend at Kawasaki

Cr: Bemyshine BF …… aaaaaaa Boyfriend you are killing me >.<


i will do a lot of things but admitting im cold to my mum who told me to bring a jacket isn’t one of them

July 28th  ;;q
Donghyun and Youngjae laughing when a member from the other team didn’t score.

[PIC] 140728 BOYFRIEND in YouPress 2014′ BOYFRIEND 「SEVENTH COLOR」 Special Edition 

cr. @yse_jp


when u walk past somebody attractive and u make eye contact and they smile those moments are nice

July 28th  ;;q

Donghyun and bubbles

July 27th  ;;awww leadahh fave


[Star Phone Case] Boyfriend Limited Edition Korea Open Anniversary Greetings ~

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Cr: 리미티드에디션코리아 | Via: GirlFriend  @-}—

Trans by me *u*

July 27th  ;;jym you giant ot6


janus live » youngmin || for anon

youngmin, the beautiful ahjussi 

July 27th  ;;sighs pabo
jeongmin or kwangmin || asked by jeongmean
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