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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc and write down the first 20 songs, then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping!

sleepless night- crush ft punch (x)

a little bit of your heart- ariana grande (x)

your guardian angel- the red jumpsuit apparatus (x)

sad song- we the kings & elena coats (x)

secrets- mary lambert (x)

hazy- rosi golan ft william fitzsimmons (x)

pretty boy- m2m (x)

sparks fly- landon austin (x)

falling in love at a coffee shop- landon pigg (x)

stray italian greyhound- vienna teng (x)

blue- big bang (x)

between heaven and hell-boa (x)

friends- ed sheeran (x)

smile- avril lavigne (x)

amazing- infinite (x)

something great- one direction (x)

one day- boyfriend (x)

wasted-tiesto ft matthew koma (x)

beautiful in white-westlife (x)

strong- one direction (x)

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Anonymous: wait i thought you'd know that it was me hmmph i is offended Ѽ

yah pls. i knw it was you lmao who else would it be i just forgot to tag. what were you doing up not sleeping again hmphh  Ѽ

August 21st  ;;kororo message answered
Me:procrastinating on tumblr
My parents:can you please-
Me:are you serious do you even know how much homework i have im stressing over so much please don't make me do it i really need to get this homework done im so tired
Anonymous: you sure it will hurt lesS

well, you know, metaphorically speaking hahha xD

August 21st  ;;message answered kororo


me: hi, can i have a large—

starbucks employee: you mean a venti?

me: can we not do this 

August 20th  ;;q

A performance after such a long time~~ We missed you^^

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August 20th  ;;cutie alien
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